We are a family owned business that makes an impact by giving back to the community and being involved. Fluffy’s received 2 awards this year for Best Chicken in Cedar Hill and the Cedar Hill Strong award.

Fluffy’s is a family-owned business that strives to meet the needs of the community in all capacities. Whether it is to satisfy your tastebuds or efforts in giving back to the community, our purpose is to Serve. Established in August 2015, we took a leap of faith as a husband-and-wife duo, and commenced the opening of our restaurant, to bring back all the southern flavors, with a Fluffy’s twist, landing in the home-grown southwest city of Cedar Hill, Texas.

Since opening it has been our goal to impact the local community and communities abroad. Not only do we endeavor to deliver seamless customer service with exceptional menu options, but we are also passionate about feeding those in need. Fluffy’s was honored to receive the 2021 award for “Best Chicken” in Cedar Hill along with the 2021 “Cedar Hill Strong” award. Both awards are indicative of our mission to Serve.

Our most recent philanthropic effort lies within the birth of the Edda Mae Foundation– a nonprofit organization with a mission to assist and aid when able, the unique challenges faced by Foster Families. We believe our achievements in the food and hospitality industry coupled with our charitable efforts are the anecdote to the true meaning of giving back. We take pride in helping and serving others.

If you’d like to donate to any of our causes, you can reach out to us directly at the contact information provided or visit eddamaefoundation.org.


Our golden and crispy batter is seasoned and full of flavor, making our Chicken & Fish some of the best you’ll ever taste!

Our Motto says it all: